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Warriors Of Virtue

1997 Childrens Rated PG 101 Minutes

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Ryan Jeffers is a typical kid who dreams of being the star quarterback of the football team and hanging out with the popular crowd at school. His friend Ming, a chef in a Chinese restaurant who has an amazing Kung Fu cooking style, gives Ryan a special manuscript to help him find the power within himself. He discovers that the book is more than a gift, it's a passport to an extra-ordinary adventure beyond his wildest imagination. Ryan is transported to the land of Tao, a mystical place where turquoise waterfalls cascade over fantastic foliage like nothing he has ever seen. Its inhabitants are a mix of humanoids and strange animal-like creatures. They are all protected by the "Roo-Warriors" who harness the forces of nature in their battle against evil and embody the five classic virtues. Ryan and the Roo Warriors must join forces in order to save Tao.

Rated PG.