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OMG! Disney has a plan for your pre-teen daughter to want Blu-ray

Posted Friday, June 27, 2008 at 1:29 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

We've extolled the virtues of Blu-ray Disc and BD Live before, but never has there been a better reason for 12-year-old girls to embrace the fledgling format.

Disney is talking about the features they plan to include in their upcoming BD Live-enabled releases. The Mouse House will start using the interactive, Internet-connected technology in Blu-ray movies starting with Oct. 17's Sleeping Beauty.

The MTV Movies Blog sets the scenario with one of Disney's biggest new properties, High School Musical:

The free service will connect BD Live-enabled movies to the Internet, allowing a variety of interactive features to be downloaded to the disc. Among the most impressive? The ability for folks to sync their players together and (provided everyone owns the movie) watch the film in real-time together with on-screen chatting capabilities. This means the next time a High School Musical flick hits Blu-ray, teens can hold a virtual party with friends anywhere in the country, chatting together and pausing to gush over Zac's mesmerizing wink. Or even more OMG-worthy, that Disney can hold a live viewing for fans with Zac and the cast, with everyone’s machines sync'd together across America as they provide commentary and respond to questions.

You may dismiss this feature but do not underestimate the influence HSM-crazed girls have on their daddies, especially those gadget-loving guys who don't yet have a good reason to jump to Blu-ray.

I can imagine it now... "Oh, Daddy. At Ashley's sleepover we watched High School Musical, like, three times because they have it on Blu-ray and we got to see Zac live and everything. So, please, Daddy. Can we please get a Blu-ray player? We just have to or otherwise Mackenzie and Savannah won't come to my birthday party. Please!"

I exaggerate (a bit) but you get the point. The price of Blu-ray players will be dropping and BD Live features like these will help coerce parents to pick up one for the living room.

And believe me, I know, for this is my future. I have a six-year-old daughter at home who is already smitten over Troy.

MTV does mention that Disney hasn't confirm if High School Musical and High School Musical 2 will be available in Blu-ray containg BD Live. They do say the third movie, in theaters this time on Oct. 24, definitely will.