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Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Her Levi's

Posted Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 10:45 AM Central

by Heather Koehler

America isn't the only place Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Heartbreaker. Seems the star has a new fan club in Japan after she strutted across tv screens for a Levi's commercial, wearing a pair of way-too-tight jeans.

The commercial was not intended for American eyes, but some internet-savvy surfers found the ad and now the secret is out! The Can't Hardly Wait girl takes a sexy stroll into the arms of a mystery man, all lasting about 30-seconds.

Ms. Hewitt isn't the only Hollywood celebrity to make commercials in the Far East. Making these commercials earns the stars huge amounts of money without being embarrassed by making commericials in the United States, since the ads are not supposed to be viewed by Americans.