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Luke's Music Videos: Uncle Luke 2004
Luke's Freak Show Volume 3 2004
Get Luke Lowe Blu-ray Get Luke Lowe 2021
Eyewitness Bible: Luke DVD Eyewitness Bible: Luke 2021
London Mitchell's Christmas

Aaron D. Spears
Lisa Wu
Taja V. Simpson
Timon Kyle Durrett

The Gospel of Luke DVD The Gospel of Luke

Selva Rasalingam
Karima Gouit
Mourad Zaoui

Joni Mitchell: Let's Sing Out

Joni Mitchell

Vashawn Mitchell: Secret Place Live Johannesburg 2016
DVD Spiritual Realms by Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson 2015
The Story of Luke The Story of Luke

Lou Taylor Pucci
Seth Green
Cary Elwes
Kristin Bauer

Afghan Luke

Nick Stahl
Ali Liebert
Stephen Lobo
Nicolas Wright

Luke and Joe Get Lost

Ash McGonigal (voice)
Greg Grunberg (voice)
Carol Willis (voice)
Chris Wood (voice)

In Theaters Luke Cage

Tyrese Gibson

Finesse Mitchell: Snap Famous DVD Finesse Mitchell: Snap Famous

Finesse Mitchell

DVD Vashawn Mitchell & Friends: Promises 2007
Luke Kelly: Performer 2006
Luke's Freakshow on Tour 2005
Songwriters: Burton Lane / Mitchell Parish 2005
DVD Joni Mitchell: With Words & Music 2004
Joni Mitchell: Refuge of the Roads DVD Joni Mitchell: Refuge of the Roads 2004
Luke's Freak Show Volume 4 2004
Luke's Freak Show Volume 2 2003
DVD Joni Mitchell: Shadows & Light Concert 2003
Mst 3000: Mitchell 1996
A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story

Shannen Doherty
Rue McClanahan
Dale Midkiff
John Clark Gable

Lucky Luke

Terence Hill
Nancy Morgan
Ron Carey
Fritz Sperberg

Lucky Luke: Daisy Town 1983
Mitchell DVD Mitchell

Joe Don Baker
Martin Balsam
Linda Evans

Cool Hand Luke Blu-ray Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman
George Kennedy
J.D. Cannon
Lou Antonio

The Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell

Gary Cooper
Charles Bickford
Ralph Bellamy
Rod Steiger

Luke & Laura Vol. 1: Lovers... N/A
Finesse Mitchell: The Spirit Told Me to Tell You

Finesse Mitchell

Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now Live at Isle of Wight 1970 2018
Luke Cage: The Complete First Season

Mike Colter
Justin Swain
Simone Missick
Theo Rossi

Joni Mitchell: Woman of Heart & Mind / Painting with Words & Music 2014
American Masters: Margaret Mitchell, American Rebel 2012
Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter 2010
Joni Mitchell: The Fiddle and the Drum 2009
Luke And Lucy: The Texas Rangers

Billy Ray Cyrus (voice)
Staf Coppens (voice)
Stany Crets (voice)
Axel Daeseleire (voice)

Winning Spirit with Joe Montana & Tom Mitchell 2005
Lucky Luke: Ballad Of The Daltons 1983
Lucky Luke: Daltons On The Loose 1983
Luke Bryan: The Man, The Music DVD Luke Bryan: The Man, The Music 2014
Lucky Luke: The Lucky Cowboy 1985

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