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Manhunt: The Complete Series

2010 TV Series/Drama Not Rated 1320 Minutes

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WWII French Resistance / Classic British TV Drama... Nazi-Occupied France, September 1942. Shot down by enemy fire, RAF Squadron Leader Jimmy Porter (Alfred Lynch The Krays) joins forces with French Resistance fighters to get back to England. Jimmy is recruited to assist French agent Vincent (Peter Barkworth Wilde) get Nina (Cyd Hayman Rogue Male), a young woman with vitally important facts about the Resistance locked in her head, out of the country. Pursued across France by icy SS Officer Lutzig (Philip Madoc A Mind to Kill) and sly Abwehr Sgt. Gratz (Robert Hardy All Creatures Great and Small), the three must resort to any tactic to evade capture. Risking betrayal and death with every move, they face the perils of enemy patrols, roadblocks, collaborators and informants for the outcome of the war could depend upon their success in this compelling and powerful British wartime drama.

Not Rated.

Released by BFS Entertainment & Multimedia. See more credits.