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WEREWOLF WOMAN (1976): Despite her wealth and beauty, Daniella Neseri is driven by a pathological hatred of all men. She is convinced that an ancestral family curse would transform her into a werewolf if she were ever to make love. That hasn't stopped several from trying, however...but those that do meet an untimely end. Their mutilated bodies are found in ditches and canals...with Daniella shivering, naked and afraid, not far away. As the corpses pile up, the police are forced to admit that the poor girl might be telling the truth. But is Daniella really a werewolf, or is the truth something far more sinister...According to the film's publicity, Werewolf Woman is based on a true story, "kept from the public for over a century" (despite the movie taking place during the present day.) "Obviously the names of persons and places have been changed," the narrator further clarifies, "and any reference to actual persons and events is purely coincidental." Contains nudity & extreme violence.

BELL FROM HELL (1973): John has spent most of his life in a mental institution, sent there by his Aunt Marta and her three wicked daughters. The young man isn't insane, however they just wanted him out of the way so they could claim his inheritance as their own. While growing to adulthood, John spent all his time reading about the most painful methods of torture. Now a free man, he is intent on sharing all he has learned with his three shapely cousins...who are soon hanging naked in a bell tower, about to be turned into living wax candles...Tragically, Bell From Hell director Claudio Guerin Hill died when he fell from the titular bell while shooting the final scenes of the film. It was ultimately finished by an uncredited Juan Antonio Bardem. Contains nudity & extreme violence.

Not Rated.

Released by Alpha Home Entertainment/Gotham. See more credits.