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The Return Of Dr. Mabuse

1961 Horror Not Rated 89 Minutes

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The greatest criminal mastermind of modern times, the mysterious Dr. Mabuse plots an attack on a nuclear power plant as part of his bid to conquer the world. Anyone who dares to interfere with his diabolical conspiracy is ruthlessly crushed by his army of drugged slaves. His enemies are driven to suicide - a beautiful woman is incinerated with flame-throwers on a crowded city street. No one is safe from the shadowy spider web of intrigue that spreads insidiously in the evil world of Dr. Mabuse.

Dr. Mabuse was the brainchild of writer Norbert Jacques and was brought to the screen for the first time as Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler in 1922 by master German movie director Fritz Lang. In the early 1960s, German producer Arthur Brauner revisited the mythos of Mabuse with a series of new entries. Brauner, who was instrumental in inaugurating the "krimi" or German crime movie sub-genre, produced other "krimi" movies (some of them based upon stories by Edgar Wallace) during the 1960s, including The Monster of London City, The Mad Executioners, The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle and The Phantom Of Soho. Most of these German productions appeared a few years afterwards in the United States in dubbed productions released to the exploitation market.

Not Rated.