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DVD Freddie Mercury: Final Act 2022
DVD Freddie Mercury: The Greatest Showman

Freddie Mercury

Fearless Freddie 2019
Freddie Mercury: Under the Spotlight 2019
Freddie Prinze Jr.

Multi-Movie Set

Play Freddie King 2013
Blu-rayDVD The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert 2013
Freddie Mercury: Holding Back the Years 2012
Blu-rayDVD Freddie Mercury: Great Pretender 2012
Biography: Freddie Mercury 2012
DVD Freddie Hubbard: One Of A Kind 2009
Kingpins: Freddie Meyer's Story 2008
Freddie McGregor: Live 2004
Queen: Freddie Mercury Tribute 2003
Freddie King: Live In Europe 2003
Freddie As F.R.O.7 1992
Adventures Of Freddie

Michael Burns
Dick Blasucci
Jane Connell
Susan Blanchard

Relax, Freddie

Morten Grunwald
Ove Sprogoe
Erik Moerk

Pope Francis: A Man of His Word Blu-rayDVD Pope Francis: A Man of His Word

Pope Francis

DVD In Viaggio: The Travel of Pope Francis 2023
DVD Francis: Pope From The New World 2020
DVD Freddie Mercury & Queen: How It All Began - The Early Years

Freddie Mercury
Brian May
Roger Taylor
John Deacon

Pope Francis Visit 2017
Trinity Collection: Francis Of Assisi / Man Called Peter / Luther

Multi-Movie Set

Francis: The Pope 2015
St. Francis of Assisi 2014
Francis Ford Coppola 5-Film Collection

Multi-Movie Set

DVD Francis Poulenc & Arcangelo Corelli : Al 2012
Blu-ray Francis Poulenc & Arcangelo Corelli : Al 2012
John Holt / Freddie McGregor: Living Legends Live in Concert 2011
Saint Francis 2009
Sage Francis: Life Is Easy 1968-2005 2007
Queen: Under Review 1946-1991 - The Freddie Mercury Story 2007
St. Francis 2006
The Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi 2006
Francis Dunnery: Live at the Union Chapel 2005
Sage Francis: Life is Easy 2005
DVD Artists Of The 20th Century: Francis Bacon 2004
Dick Francis Mysteries

Multi-Movie Set

Blu-rayDVD Love is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon

Derek Jacobi
Daniel Craig
Tilda Swinton
Anne Lambton

Dick Francis: Blood Sport

Ian McShane
Patrick Macnee
Lloyd Bochner
Heath Lamberts

Dick Francis: In The Frame

Ian McShane
Barbara Rudnik
Lyman Ward
Amadeus August

Dick Francis: Twice Shy

Ian McShane
Patrick Macnee
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Karl Hayden

The Virgin Queen Of St. Francis High

Joseph R. Straface
Stacy Christensen
J.T. Wotton

Francis Of Assisi

Bradford Dillman
Dolores Hart
Stuart Whitman
Pedro Armendariz

Francis In The Haunted House

Mickey Rooney
Virginia Welles
James Flavin
Paul Cavanagh

Francis In The Navy

Donald O'Connor
Martha Hyer
Richard Erdman
Jim Backus

Francis Joins The WACs

Donald O'Connor
Julie Adams
Mamie Van Doren
Chill Wills

Francis Covers The Big Town

Donald O'Connor
Yvette Dugay
Gene Lockhart
Nancy Guild

Francis Goes To West Point

Donald O'Connor
Lori Nelson
Alice Kelley
Palmer Lee

Francis Goes To The Races

Donald O'Connor
Piper Laurie
Cecil Kellaway
Jesse White

The Flowers of St. Francis 1950

Donald O'Connor
Patricia Medina
ZaSu Pitts
Ray Collins

Francis The Talking Mule 1949
Blu-rayDVD Francis the Talking Mule: The Complete Collection

Multi-Movie Set

Malibu High / Virgin Queen of St. Francis High 2006
The Adventures Of Francis The Talking Mule Vol. 1 DVD The Adventures Of Francis The Talking Mule Vol. 1

Multi-Movie Set

Francis Gary Powers: The True Story Of The U-2 Spy Incident

Lee Majors
Noah Beery
Nehemiah Persoff
Brooke Bundy


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