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The Haunting of Sharon Tate In TheatersBlu-rayDVD The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Hilary Duff
Jonathan Bennett
Lydia Hearst
Pawel Szajda

Sharon / Terri's Revenge 2022
Sharon 1.2.3 2018
DVD Zero To Sixty: Adrenaline Rush With Sharon Twombly 2016
DVD Miss Sharon Jones 2016

Leonard Nimoy
Robert Redford
James Coburn

Tate Volume 2 2015
Becoming Jesse Tate 2013
DVD Hockney at the Tate 2010
Athletic Step Jam with Sharon Money Twombly 2009
Something Is Killing Tate 2009
DVD Catherine Tate Show Series 2 2008
Sharon Shannon: Live At Dolan's 2008
DVD Catherine Tate Show: Christmas Special 2008
All Body Attack by Sharon Twombly 2008
Double Cardio By Sharon Money Twonbly & Seasun Zieger 2008
Double Cardio with Sharon Money Twombly & Seasun Zieger 2007
Works With Sharon Mann 2007
DVD Catherine Tate Show Series 1 2007
Tate: Best of Season 1 2007
Tate 2007
Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Sharon Kihara 2007
Biography: Ariel Sharon 2006
Sharon Kane's Guide To Great Lovemaking 2004
Sharon's Secret

Mel Harris
Alex McArthur
Candace Cameron
Paul Regina

Little Man Tate

Jodie Foster
Dianne Wiest
Adam Hann-Byrd
Harry Connick Jr.

Blu-rayDVD Cohen & Tate

Roy Scheider
Adam Baldwin
Harley Cross
Cooper Huckabee

Sharon: Portrait Of A Mistress

Trish Van Devere
Patrick O'Neal
Sam Groom
Janet Margolin

Tate Volume 3

David McLean
Patricia Breslin
Dale Van Sickel
Henry Corden

DVD Sharon Twombly: Zero To Sixty Low Impact with Weights 2012
DVD Jivamukti Yoga: With David Life & Sharon Gannon / Transform Yourself 2007

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